SpinStarter Returns with Trivians

Trivians is the new generation crypto-powered trivia gaming platform, culminated from a 3-years-old global Play2Earn trivia game (OynaKazan/Trivia Superstars) with 5M downloads and 1.5M monthly active users at its peak.

4 min readJun 14, 2022


Hello Spintop Community,

It’s been a bumpy few months in the financial markets and especially the crypto space. We believe that those who keep going and keep building during such times of adversity will end up prevailing.

We are fully focused on strengthening our relationships with high-quality blockchain gaming projects and solid Web2 game studios who are currently exploring the Web3 space, meanwhile, we keep on building (GuildMaker) and improving our products (Gamepedia).

In the interest of our community and investors, and bearing in mind the harsh market conditions, we paused launches on SpinStarter since May. We have a very careful approach in selecting which projects to launch because quality over quantity is what we believe in.

To reignite SpinStarter, we have hand-picked and built comprehensive relationships with four exciting high-quality projects; the first of which is Trivians. It's a game project with a proven successful model in Web2 and we have been working closely with the Trivians team to consult them to transition smoothly and successfully into the Web3 world.

Spintop & Trivians Partnership Elements

  • Spintop strategic advisor of Trivians
  • Spintop strategic investment in Trivians
  • Spintop provides the Trivians team with blockchain consultancy services
  • Spintop will co-launch $TRIVIA
  • Long-term $TRIVIA Farms & Pools on Spindex
  • Continuous marketing support, Gamepedia listing, content creation


Trivia is one of the oldest Play2Earn gaming concepts, where players earn real money for their achievements. Although the model is very old and proven, the concept of decentralization and democratization of money-award trivia is not disrupted yet.

Trivians' token and the idea originate from a 3-years-old global Play2Earn trivia game, namely OynaKazan/Trivia Superstars (Play&Earn in Turkish), with more than 5 Million downloads and 1.5 Million monthly active users at its peak. This assures Trivians game and team has already delivered a huge proof of concept on the democratization of trivia game show business. Now the same game will be on air with crypto-powered technology and ready to reward the trivia addicts with Trivia Token.

Trivia play2earn game concept is very easy to adopt globally, and the market is huge. (Estimated target player market size is 1.5 Billion players) Trivians wants to become the first blockchain game that successfully onboarded non-crypto users and goes truly mainstream.

Trivians' Vision

  • To become a leading trivia genre in the blockchain game ecosystem by gathering all quiz & puzzle types of games on a single platform
  • To enable millions of people, young and old alike, both to have fun and to turn their intellectual knowledge into money.
  • To ensure that the game is played for years with the sustainable economic model we have created, with continuously renewed game types and questions.

Trivians’ Gameplay

Trivians is a multiplayer trivia game where different numbers of players compete at the same time, where they can compete at any time of the day, and also with a live broadcast. Users win Trivia Tokens for their performances in any of these games in Trivians.

Trivians offers several game modes, and more will continue to be added. Each game type and each contest have unique rule sets and prize pools.

While competing, players may use power ups such as “Double Answer”, “Extra Live”, “Pass”. These power ups enable players to answer questions more easily and advance to the next level to earn more tokens. These power ups can be purchased via Trivia Token.

For detailed information on gameplay please check Trivians Gamed Modes.

$TRIVIA and IGO Information

Ticker: $TRIVIA

IGO Date: 7th July 2022

IDO Price: $0.035$ worth of BUSD per $TRIVIA

Token Sale Chain: BUSD on BEP-20 (BSC)

Initial Market Cap at TGE: $799,750

Platform Allocation: $150,000

Platform Total Token Allocation: 4.28M

Vesting: 25% at TGE, 15 weeks vesting linearly


Private Sale: $1,250,000 (3 months cliff, 10 months linear vesting)

Public Sale: $1,995,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 14,250,000

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Trivians Website

Trivians Whitepaper

What do you need to do to participate in this IDO?

We recommend you read our article on the SpinStarter IGO/IDO process to familiarize yourself with the steps involved in the process. You will be able to enter the IDO with 1,000 to 1,000,000 SPINs.

KYC verification will be required to become eligible for this IDO and the upcoming IGOs on SpinStarter. Please complete your KYC process as soon as possible from this link.




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