Get ready for SpinStarter’s liftoff!

3 min readMar 25, 2022

SpinStarter: Spintop’s Tierless Game Launcher & Incubator Platform

Hello Spintop community,

In anticipation of Spinstarter’s launch, we have been receiving questions from you about the IGO process. So, as SpinStarter completes its final testing stage and our first IGO is lined up, we would like you to familiarize yourself with how Spinstarter works in advance.

We are so excited and proud about the progress we have made in the last three months because Spinstarter will become a major utility addition for the SPIN token and a milestone product launch in our roadmap, en route to making Spintop ecosystem the ultimate GameFi destination for gamers, game developers, and investors.

Tierless System: A fresh and fair approach

In a world where blockchain launchpads have tiered systems that create high barriers of entry for the majority of people, we bring a fresh egalitarian approach to remove these hurdles. SpinStarter works as a tierless and permissionless system, so by design, we lower the barriers of entry for everyone to provide equal pool weight for all contributors. You will be able to join in the IGOs with as little as 1,000 SPIN tokens and the more SPINs you stake, the higher your allocation will be from the IGO.

Incubator Platform: Continuous Post-IGO support

We are building Spintop as the go-to one-stop-shop for blockchain gaming. With that in mind, we will be providing our IGO partners with full support after the IGO process on Spinstarter to help with their token utility, via Spindex DeFi opportunities, Gamepedia listing, Guildmaker, and Marketplace priority access. Our partners will have direct access to a growing and engaged community of gamers and investors.

SpinStarter Vault & Auto-Compound Formula

SpinStarter Vault is the staking ground for SPIN holders to earn IGO allocations. By staking to the contract, our users will benefit from both auto-compounding interests from single-staking SPIN pool rewards and of course IGO allocations from the corresponding project.

Thanks to SpinStarter Vault’s auto-compound feature, users will enjoy less workload to maximize their earnings, while continuously earning IGO allocations. The auto-compound function will trigger once a user stakes or unstakes from the contract.

How does it work?

SpinStarter IGO process consists of five rounds, as explained below:

  1. Pre Contribution Round: The period before IGO’s contribution round starts. You stake your SPINs into the SpinStarter Vault via Spindex to get access to participate in the IGOs. The more you stake, the higher your allocation will be for the IGOs and meanwhile, you will automatically be earning rewards from the single-staking SPIN pool. A minimum of 1,000 SPIN tokens and a maximum of 1,000,000 SPIN tokens can be staked into the SpinStarter Vault to participate in the IGOs.
  2. Contribution Round: The 10-day period where you will be able to see your active IGO allocation automatically getting calculated by this formula. You can still stake more SPINs to increase your allocation during this round. Please note that we have decided to reduce this contribution time frame from 15 days to 10 days in order to be more flexible and offer more IGOs for you.
  3. Allocation Round: Following the 10-day Contribution Round this is the period when you can claim your allocations.
  4. First Come First Served: There will be an additional allocation round on a first come first served basis if the initial allocation round is not claimed totally. This will offer a second chance to claim for those who have joined the contribution round but have not made a claim during the Allocation Round, as well as those who have already made a claim and would like to increase their claim total. Users are limited to participate in this round by a multiple of their originally deserved amount on the Allocation Round. The multiplier is subject to change from the data to be collected on the IGOs.
  5. Vesting Round: After the IGO is completed, you can check the vesting schedule and claim your allocation.

Be on the lookout for our article on our first IGO. Meanwhile, get ready to ignite and send GameFi projects into orbit! :)

If you have any questions about Spinstarter, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Telegram or Discord.




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