SpinStarter Returns with Trivians

Trivians is the new generation crypto-powered trivia gaming platform, culminated from a 3-years-old global Play2Earn trivia game (OynaKazan/Trivia Superstars) with 5M downloads and 1.5M monthly active users at its peak.

Spintop & Trivians Partnership Elements

  • Spintop strategic advisor of Trivians
  • Spintop strategic investment in Trivians
  • Spintop provides the Trivians team with blockchain consultancy services
  • Spintop will co-launch $TRIVIA
  • Long-term $TRIVIA Farms & Pools on Spindex
  • Continuous marketing support, Gamepedia listing, content creation


Trivia is one of the oldest Play2Earn gaming concepts, where players earn real money for their achievements. Although the model is very old and proven, the concept of decentralization and democratization of money-award trivia is not disrupted yet.

Trivians' Vision

  • To become a leading trivia genre in the blockchain game ecosystem by gathering all quiz & puzzle types of games on a single platform
  • To enable millions of people, young and old alike, both to have fun and to turn their intellectual knowledge into money.
  • To ensure that the game is played for years with the sustainable economic model we have created, with continuously renewed game types and questions.

Trivians’ Gameplay

Trivians is a multiplayer trivia game where different numbers of players compete at the same time, where they can compete at any time of the day, and also with a live broadcast. Users win Trivia Tokens for their performances in any of these games in Trivians.



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