Year Recap & Future Plans

5 min readJan 4, 2024


Hello everyone!

As we close 2023, the sight of completed task folders on our computers fuels our drive for an even more productive 2024! Therefore, we will take a different angle this time with our Progression Log. Instead of discussing December, we will discuss the entire year and dive into our achievements and statistics! We believe this shift with the Progression Log will also ignite the same excitement among our valued community members! If you’re ready, let’s embark on the last journey of 2023. It’s going to be quite a ride!

Spintop 2.0 Development Updates

  1. The user interface and user experience designs are fully completed. This means Gamepedia, Launchpad, and Staking are nearly ready to go! After a couple more tweaks, we will launch the new Staking and Launchpad in the upcoming days, and you will experience the 2.0 firsthand for the first time!
  2. CMS (Content Management System), the backbone of the entire 2.0 structure, is completed. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology, your experience will be smooth and issueless in 2.0!
  3. After a few beta tests, Spintop 2.0 will be fully launched in 2024, possibly in Q1!

Gamepedia in 2023

Here are some facts about Gamepedia from January 2023 to January 2024:

  1. 476,341 unique users visited Gamepedia.
  2. They viewed Gamepedia 1,298,077 times.
  3. The play button click rate on the pages with a play button is a whopping 26%. That means every 1 out of 4 visitors have clicked the play button and dived right into the action.
  4. We added 152 new games on Gamepedia in 2023.
  5. Our visitors’ favorite game genres were RPG, MMO, Metaverse, Strategy, and Racing.
  6. The most popular games throughout the year were:

Partnerships and Campaigns in 2023

Throughout 2023, we shook hands with 26 different web3 games, from Storm Warfare, Chain of Legends, and Alaska Gold Rush to Shockwaves, Eon Rift, and Wizardia. Aside from web3 game partnerships, we’ve joined forces with Cakebot, a Telegram trading bot, within the boundaries of a strategic partnership and made buying SPIN ten times easier since our Telegram group members can purchase SPIN with a single command now.

We ran banner campaigns on Gamepedia featuring games we partnered with to draw attention to events or directly boost player counts for them. As a result of these campaigns, we ensured visibility for our partners on traffic-rich Gamepedia and registered a minimum of 50 players per day to the highlighted events or tournaments they wanted to promote. This translated to direct access to thousands of new players for our partners. We’ll continue full steam ahead with these banner campaigns, leveraging high traffic and implementing the right strategies for our users. Our aim remains to serve as a bridge between games and players.

Events and Community in 2023

We organized dozens of events for our community in 2023. While boosting enjoyment and friendship among our community members, we also encouraged them to participate in our community events by rewarding them. As a result, we maximized both engagement and participation rates at our events!

  1. We organized 17 Spinathlons on Discord, with 667 people participating. In these events, we distributed $3,550 worth of rewards and increased our Discord chat activity immensely.
  2. By combining forces with some of our partnered games, we organized a huge treasure hunt event. While 417 people participated in our game on Discord, we also reached tens of thousands of people on Twitter. In the end, we distributed $8,500 worth of rewards to hunters.
  3. We developed a text-based strategy game from scratch for Discord, prioritizing its storytelling, gameplay, technology, and fun factor. Embraced by our community, the game achieved an impressive 91% participation rate, providing us and our community with immense enjoyment during creation and gameplay. Across three rounds played on our Discord server, Cobot Rumble attracted 990 participants, ran for 2 months in total, and distributed prizes worth $7,900.

We’re excited to announce our plans to further enhance and enrich Cobot Rumble! Stay tuned for a brand-new Cobot Rumble experience within our community in 2024, featuring new eras, unique items, improved gameplay, and many more!

Among the many highlights of 2023, meeting thousands of new people stands out for us! We’ve welcomed tens of thousands of new members into our community, and with each passing day, we see our family grow larger!

As of the end of 2023, our member and follower counts stand at:

2024 Awaits Us

You must be as excited about 2024 as we are since you read all the way down, and rightly so! The entirely revamped and enhanced Spintop 2.0 is coming this year, new partnership agreements are on the way, exciting plans for Cobot Rumble, and more. We are so excited for 2024!

We’ll be rolling out Spintop 2.0 in phases, kicking off Launchpad and Staking first. In fact, the upcoming IDO projects we’ll announce shortly will come with 2.0’s features and designs! While participating in IDOs, you’ll also get a taste of Spintop 2.0! We’ll transition our ecosystem’s other tools throughout the year to their 2.0 versions, completing the full transformation within this year.

In 2024, our focus on games and gamers will intensify, bringing together more community events to unite games and players while strengthening our community bonds and rewarding our members generously! We’ll continue our mission to become the ideal gaming ecosystem in web3 by striking partnerships with fantastic game projects without pause throughout 2024!

We haven’t forgotten our holders and investors: The SPIN Friends community/loyalty program, exclusive privileges for our holders across different features of our ecosystem, special surprises coming with Spintop 2.0, and many more are just a few advantages we’ll offer our holders in 2024. We’re gearing up for 2024, where we prioritize and cater to the needs of players, games, and investors in our ecosystem!

2023 has been an incredible year for us, thanks to our community’s unwavering support and warmth every step of the way! A heartfelt thank you to everyone, from those who’ve been with us since day one to those considering joining us now! 2024 is going to be our year!




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