The Best Version of Itself: Spintop 2.0

8 min readFeb 1, 2023


Hello, everyone!

It has been more than a year since our ecosystem came to life. During this period, we fully launched three products, created blueprints for one tool, formed tons of partnerships, launched four web3 projects, crammed in more than 400 games, made dozens of farms and pools, met with thousands of people, traveled thousands of miles to attend events, expanded our team, formed communities from scratch. The list goes on; you get the idea.

When we look back to the previous year, we see that everything we have achieved as Spintop, we have achieved together. We shared many moments as a team, good and bad; some of us got married, some adopted dogs, some became parents, some survived Covid-19, and some lost relatives or friends. Whatever we went through, we did together as a team; we’ve been reminded that we are all social creatures. Nothing is more important than being heard, understood, supported, and appreciated. Our actions are basically ways to socialize with others. Imagine that you had a tremendous profit from a token thanks to your wise decisions and excellent analyzing skills. Each and every method of using your profit from that token will be invested to be more social, even if you don’t realize it. Are you going to buy a house? You will host your family and friends in that house. You will share memories with them in that place. Are you going to spend a night in your local pub? Well, you won’t be alone at the table; you will share your happiness and a few laughs with your friends and loved ones. Just think for a minute; whatever your goal is, every crossroad leads to being somewhat social.

But why are we talking about being social creatures in this article?

Spilling the Beans

We said we believe that 2023 will be our year. By that, we didn’t mean us as Spintop, but you, our community members as well. We also said we have some announcements, so here it comes, Gerrybills. As you mentioned, it is “a good time to spill the beans!”

We are upgrading our entire hub and turning it into a social-oriented gaming ecosystem where users can invest and play together, form their guilds and, respectively, their own mini-communities, interact with each other more actively and accurately, and play a significant role in important decisions. We constantly put ourselves into your shoes, listen to our inner gamers, and ask ourselves, “What would we like to experience in a top-of-the-range ecosystem as gamers and members of this community? How can we improve our ecosystem to be fun, functional, and beneficial for gamers? How can we encourage social gaming while rewarding users? What is the true way, not the illusion, of creating a real community and having fun together? What would it look like if we created an ecosystem where everyone is truly valued, and their opinions matter?” The answers to these questions shape our future actions and remind us of the importance of being a valued community member.

Spintop 2.0 will be the best version of itself. A gaming ecosystem where players/users are powerful, valued, understood, and, most importantly, prioritized. We are turning Spintop and its community into that close-knit family we all met once in our lives, which will make us question our relationships with our families. So what’s changed and made us pick this road?

As mentioned above, we value the importance of communication and connection between our users and us above anything else. This mentality constantly reminds us to take a step back and objectively look at the entire web3 and GameFi ecosystem from a distance to adapt and improve. After carefully analyzing the industry, we believe that there isn’t any GameFi ecosystem that focuses solely on individual social aspects, communities, rewards, and empowers users while giving them the opportunity to invest together with their rules. There are some examples that get close to being such ecosystems, but not even a single ecosystem focuses solely on its users, along with other features we currently have to complement it. Right now, there is a web3 environment where financial concerns are at the forefront, and users’ happiness or experience is always put in the background. This approach is different from what users or players want; that is why in the general sense, play-to-earn games won’t be effective in creating a community or entertaining players because the main idea behind these mechanics is financial gain for both players and developers. Gaming and gaming-related actions should be about fun, experiences, memories, community, and interaction. It would be awesome if we could see a game that is both fun with amazing gameplay and profitable, but let’s be honest, we don’t see these kinds of games very often, at least not yet.

Don’t get us the wrong way; this general “let’s focus on the financial issues first” mentality had to happen. Because until now, the mass adoption of web3 was moving at turtle speed. Now, with the realization of web3’s potential, the turtle became a cheetah, and we started to see big players rushing into the web3 ecosystem. This move from big players will turn the focus from finance-related concerns to fun and socializing-related concerns. In parallel, we are evolving into an ecosystem that combines everything, from social aspects to more accessible and more effective dashboard management, from renting/lending NFTs to community building, from creating guilds to make everything more fun to a wide range of events. This combination of features will make us the pioneers of this new and beautiful era of web3 with you on our side.

These are the reasons why we are making changes in our roadmap and working tirelessly to create the best possible Spintop experience for the future.

Fundamentals of 2.0

First, let us clarify this; we will only give some of the details of 2.0 in this article. The reason for this is straightforward: our new vision consists of unique features, and we don’t want to lose our competitive advantage over our competitors. We understand your urge to know everything about the upcoming 2.0, but as a critical player in the market, we must protect the value of what we create. We prefer delivering a unique and beneficial experience with the product itself instead of creating a hype bubble at the end of the day.

As you can guess, the new 2.0 will be focused on social interaction, to be more precise, collaborations between players, guild-wise competitions, and major rewarding events. We want to create an ecosystem where players are very well connected at every step of their journey. This connection won’t be one-way; everyone in the new Spintop ecosystem will matter, and their ideas and opinions will carry weight. Also, players’ actions won’t be just “actions.” They will be tracked, analyzed, evaluated, and rewarded thanks to Spintop Profiles feature. These profiles are the backbone of the new 2.0 because they are not just basic profiles; they let you interact with the entire ecosystem as you see fit. A profile will be unique to a person, just like an ID card. None of these Spintop Profiles will or can be the same because they will be soulbound NFTs. Basically, your Spintop Profile is your identity within the ecosystem, and your actions can be tracked to reward you thanks to this feature. Also, these profiles will create an opportunity for us to work closely with our community and actualize new affiliate programs.

We will implement tons of new features in the 2.0, and we want you to manage your profile easily and your actions within the ecosystem without being lost. That’s why we are creating a dashboard system where you can easily follow your friends’ or your own actions, interact with them, join events, trade, buy or sell NFTs, and many more. Of course, with the new dashboard system, a new design will be live in the entire ecosystem. Your general experience will be smoother, quicker, and more efficient. You will be able to see and control whatever you want without spending much time on it. Since it is designed to make things more meaningful and useful for you, everything you encounter within the new 2.0 will have meaning and reason.

You might notice some parallelity with the GuildMaker in these features you read. That is because we are implementing GuildMaker’s features into the new Spintop 2.0. The work we have done so far for the GuildMaker is the foundation of our new vision, which has already saved us time in building the new version of Spintop. We take its unique approach and improve upon it to create a more market-relevant, longer-lasting, and entirely new ecosystem that will secure our users’ future. If you have been with us for a while, you will know that the vision behind Spintop 2.0 isn’t that new; it has been our dream to build this product of this complexity since the beginning. We made the decision to implement the features of GuildMaker, instead of creating a standalone product, into the new Spintop 2.0, due to the dynamics of the web3 ecosystem. This will be more beneficial in the long term, both for Spintop and its users. In summary, GuildMaker won’t be a standalone product but instead a utility within the new version of Spintop. We hope this information can shed light on your questions about the launch of GuildMaker.

Within the new version of Spintop, the usage of $SPIN on transactions, utilities, and events result in the burning of the token. The platform fees, which might be considered the combination of borrowing/lending NFTs from the vaults, the small commission received from reward distribution between users/players, and extra utilities that users can benefit from, will be burning $SPIN tokens. This burning mechanism will reduce the number of tokens in circulation and, ultimately, help increase the value of $SPIN. We are creating a sustainable economy and increasing the usage areas of $SPIN while adding value to it.

These are just some upcoming features of the groundbreaking new ecosystem. As we said before, we will only give some details for a good reason. But let us say this; it will be worth the wait. Oh, and a heads up, we’ve recently updated our roadmap. You can check it out here.

It has been more than a year since our ecosystem came to life; some might find that time short. But what is shared and learned cannot be measured in time or anything else.




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