Strategic Partnership Between Spintop and Cakebot

3 min readDec 8, 2023


Hello, everyone!

We have joined forces with Cakebot in a strategic partnership, merging our vision with their cutting-edge technical prowess. This partnership marks a pivotal moment as we leverage Cakebot’s advanced technologies to revamp and enhance our ecosystem in various ways. By integrating their innovative solutions, we’re set to elevate user experiences and unlock new possibilities in our ecosystem!

Cakebot is a Telegram bot streamlining DeFi trading, making buying and selling tokens a “piece of cake.” With features ranging from method sniping to token trading, Cakebot signifies a promising future. Moreover, its use of bot technology and continuous innovation efforts are set to provide outstanding support, particularly in technical and infrastructure aspects for Spintop 2.0.

Flash Buy Bot Integration on Telegram

We’re integrating Cakebot’s Flash Buy Bot into our Telegram channel. This bot enables purchasing $SPIN tokens with a single “/buy” command typed into the Telegram channel. Essentially, acquiring $SPIN will be as effortless as saying “hello” to your pals on the Telegram channel. Upon using the command in our Telegram channel, the bot’s interface will greet you, allowing you to set parameters such as the number of tokens you wish to purchase, slippage rate, and more. The Cakebot Team receives a 1% tax from these purchases and distributes the received tax to their community.

Instant Token Purchase Powered by Cakebot

Alongside Spintop 2.0’s capability to explore token details on game overview pages, we previously mentioned the convenience of directly purchasing a game’s token with a single click. For this swift and seamless purchase operation, we’ll leverage the infrastructure by Cakebot. With Spintop 2.0, you’ll be able to add your favorite game’s token to your wallet within seconds, all while benefiting from Cakebot’s reliable and robust technology.

Fast and Secure Custodial Wallet System

At Spintop, we highly value fast, seamless, and secure transactions, which is why we’ll be incorporating Cakebot’s Custodial Wallet System into Spintop 2.0. With this system, the wallet automatically assigned to you upon registering for Spintop 2.0 will serve as your profile. Using this wallet, you’ll be able to buy, sell, or rent NFTs and acquire tokens from the overview pages of games — all this within seconds and without undergoing any transaction approval process. With the security and responsibility resting with us for this wallet system, it’ll prevent potential disputes or misunderstandings among individuals while providing our users with a swift and user-friendly experience.

In essence, our collaboration with Cakebot marks a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and user-centric solutions. This strategic partnership bridges our aspirations with Cakebot’s technological expertise, promising an ecosystem that prioritizes simplicity, security, and efficiency. Through seamless integration of Cakebot’s cutting-edge features into the Spintop ecosystem, we’re not just envisioning but actively implementing a landscape where accessing DeFi, purchasing $SPIN, and managing NFTs become effortless experiences for our community. As we embrace this partnership synergy, we’re committed to continually enriching our ecosystem, delivering unparalleled convenience and reliability. This partnership isn’t just about technology; it’s about shaping the future of user experiences within our growing ecosystem!




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