Spintop x Seedify Ecosystem Building

2 min readJan 2, 2022

Since the day of our IGO we have been in close ties with the Seedify Fund team. This experience has been very inspirational and educational for us so we would like to take this opportunity and thank the whole Seedify Team for their selfless support so far.

This experience also gave us the chance to get to know each other’s visions and see how we can contribute to the ecosystem together.

So we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Seedify.fund.

As Spintop and Seedify, we have a vision to expand the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Our mission is to create an end to end platform that supports gaming projects from beginning to launch, and from launch to building up communities and expanding markets.

To progress towards this vision we will be having multiple collaborations which are explained below:

DEX/Defi: Spintop/Seedify LP pool rewarding Spin Tokens will be created. Single staking Spin Token pool rewarding Sfund tokens will be opened

Cross-Marketing: Cross-marketing activities with Seedify and the partnering projects will be done through social media channels for the purpose of introducing communities to each other and informing users about both projects.

Guild Maker & NFT Marketplace: Guild Maker and NFT Marketplace will be easier to access for the projects that are launching through Seedify. In the case of partnership being achieved, partnered game’s NFTs will be listed on the marketplace and will be wrapped to be used for sharing or renting. These NFT’s will also be open for guilds created through Guild Maker.

Gamepedia: All the games that are launched through Seedify will be listed on Gamepedia, and the Gamepedia Links of these projects will be available on Seedify website.

Our main goal for this partnership is to improve the newly emerging blockchain gaming ecosystem and ease access.

Both parties share the vision of facilitating this experience for players and investors by enabling users to invest in a game from the beginning, learn about the game in detail, access their NFTs and tokens, then dive into the game to join the Play to Earn frenzy.

Spintop Team




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