Spintop Presents: The Treasure Hunt

2 min readApr 13, 2023

Are you ready to solve riddles and uncover hidden treasures in the web3 gaming world? Join us for the Treasure Hunt event, starting on April 19th, and have a chance to win a share of the 8500+ USD worth of prize pool in NFTs, loot boxes, and tokens!

Treasure Hunt is a collaborative event with our 16 web3 game partners, including Citizen Conflict, War Legends, Shatterpoint, Meda Shooter, Ascenders, Tryhards, Evermore Knights, Samurai Legends, Cross the Ages, Cards of Ethernity, Superpower Squad, Goons of Balatroon, Ultimate Champions, Alien Worlds, Mini Miners, and Age of Battles, and it is powered by the BNB Chain. Each day, we’ll release a riddle related to a specific game, and you’ll have 24 hours to answer it correctly to earn points. The first riddle will be released on April 19th, and we’ll continue with a new riddle every day until May 5th.

Your points will be deducted by one for each day you’re late in answering, so make sure to keep up! But do not worry; this won’t prevent you from answering the outdated riddle. You can even join the event on its fourth day to answer the first day’s riddle. The maximum number of points you can earn is 160, and the higher your points, the better your chances of winning one of the following prizes:

  • 1x 1000 BUSD from Spintop
  • 4x 250 BUSD from Spintop
  • 10x 50 BUSD from Spintop
  • 10x 30 BUSD from Age of Battles
  • 10x 25 BUSD from Ascenders
  • 25x Alien Worlds NFT
  • 2x Citizen Conflict “Billy” NFT
  • 30x Citizen Conflict Alpha Key
  • 6x Shatterpoint Founder Hero NFT
  • Ultimate Champs 8000 Champ Tokens
  • 200x War Legends NFT
  • 10x CryptoMeda Pro Lootboxes
  • Tryhards 96,185 TRY Tokens
  • 10x Evermore Knights Origin UN Character NFT
  • 10x Evermore Knights Origin UN Weapon NFT
  • 6x Samurai Legends Legendary Mystery Box
  • 6x Samurai Legends Crate
  • Samurai Legends 30,000 SMG
  • 2x Cards of Ethernity Genesis NFT
  • 10x Crypto Meda Tier 1 Weapon NFT
  • 3x Crypto Meda Tier 2 Weapon NFT
  • 50x Cross The Ages NFT Box
  • 10x Superpower Squad NFT Box
  • 50x Goons of Balatroon Card Pack
  • 20x Mini Miners Generation 3 Scapes NFT
  • 20x Mini Miners Mine NFT

After the event, we’ll do a raffle to determine the winners of each prize. The more points you have, the higher your chances of winning.

To participate, join our Discord server and look for the Treasure Hunt bot, which will guide you through the event. We’ll also give hints about the riddles and other event updates on our Twitter page, so make sure to follow us there.

Don’t miss your chance to join the fun and win big!




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