Spintop Proudly Presents Its Upcoming NFT Sharing Platform, GuildMaker

6 min readSep 28, 2022


Hello, Spintop Community!

As you all know, we have created and published three different products so far in our web3 journey, Spindex, Gamepedia, and SpinStarter. All of these products were designed to offer solutions to different kinds of problems in the ecosystem. For example, with Gamepedia, we have tried to gather hundreds of scattered blockchain games in one gigantic library. Now, with Gamepedia, players can find the most detailed information about web3 games on a single source, which solves the problem of getting lost or being overwhelmed on the internet while searching for a little bit of information for a particular game.

Another example of our solution-based approach is SpinStarter. Thanks to SpinStarter, new and top-notch projects can find a place to meet their possible investors and get ignited instantly from the start by the financial and moral support of our beloved community.

These two examples may sound complete since they offer a solution to at least one party; on Gamepedia, the focus is on the players, while on SpinStarter, the focus is on the projects, right? Not exactly. See, we believe that the real solutions come from a mutual win-win situation. While offering information to players about a blockchain game on Gamepedia, we also offer a “PLAY” button to the games, which directs players to the game’s play section. By doing that, we offer useful information to players about a game and a chance for games to be instantly played by those players, and that creates two different solutions for two different parties.

Again, the same approach applies to SpinStarter; while offering a headstart to the projects, we also protect our investors by using a protection program called Investor Protection Program (IPP). This program guarantees the safety of investors’ investments in case of a problem.

As you may guess, our approach and the creation progress of GuildMaker are the same; it should offer solutions and benefits for everyone who is involved. The biggest difference between GuildMaker and our other products is GuildMaker’s variety of target audiences. With GuildMaker, we will be providing services to gamers (Scholars), investors (NFT Owners and Guild Masters), and blockchain games. Since it brings more parties with different goals together, GuildMaker should be the ultimate unifying platform for everyone without any segregation. That is why we are working on GuildMaker in a very detailed and passionate way.

What is GuildMaker?

In its simplest definition, GuildMaker is an NFT-sharing platform for web3 games. The members of the community form guilds which are focused on a single game. The creators of guilds are called the Guild Master. After its creation, the guild serves as a gaming and NFT rental hub for a specific game. The Scholars who want to play a game but don’t have the NFTs for it can join a guild created for the game they want to play and borrow NFTs from that guild’s Guild Vault. NFT Owners stake the NFTs inside a Guild Vault, and they create a lendable NFT market for Scholars. To sum up, Guild Masters form guilds, NFT Owners stake their NFTs in the Guild Vault, and Scholars borrow these NFTs from Guild Vault to play that particular game.

The main goal of GuildMaker is to provide a unique and beneficial experience for everyone, from players to blockchain games. To achieve these goals, we knew that we had to construct something totally different, a first in its category, a state of art NFT-sharing platform, so to speak. We have determined some key points that we want to focus on and draw a roadmap around them:

  • A paywall cannot be an obstacle for people that want to experience GuildMaker; therefore, it should be free and fair.
  • GuildMaker cannot be controlled by anyone but the community itself. There is no need for a strict control mechanism. That’s why it should be fully decentralized.
  • Our community knows what to do and when to do it. They don’t need our permission for anything. Therefore, GuildMaker should be permissionless.
  • We should create a platform where our community can take action without fearing any possible trust-related issues. We should build a structure so smooth and secure that trust becomes irrelevant because no one has to trust anyone but themselves in the first place. Therefore, it should be trustless, so to speak.
  • The NFTs and guilds within the GuildMaker must be at a certain level of quality, but this level of quality should be determined by the community itself. There is a need for a transparent ranking system so that participants can act accordingly. Therefore, Match Making Rating (MMR) system should be implemented on GuildMaker.

The entire creation process of GuildMaker relies on these values. Since they are game-changers for the blockchain ecosystem, we ensure that everything goes smoothly during our development process. Instead of rushing on the launch of GuildMaker, we are being sure that everyone who will be involved in the platform experiences what they deserve.

We are still working on GuildMaker; to make it better, to make it the ultimate platform for NFT-sharing, and to make it really a state-of-the-art platform for everyone. However, that does not mean that we cannot give you a taste of what is cooking in the kitchen. We’ve created a landing page for the upcoming GuildMaker to attract more blockchain games and give our community an idea about it. It is very important for us to get feedback from our community and our fellow blockchain games to make GuildMaker even better. So please feel free to express your feelings and ideas about it on the related social media post:

The Advantages of GuildMaker

It has been a long read so far; thanks for your interest and patience! But we’d like to conclude this article with the advantages of GuildMaker to the entire Spintop community and blockchain games.

Benefits for GuildMaker participants:

1- A chance for Scholars to borrow an NFT that they want to play their favorite blockchain game without paying the full price for the NFT.

2- An active income for Scholars when they play a game with their borrowed NFTs and a passive income for NFT Owners who lent their NFTs to Scholars.

3- A pre-determined commission percentage (determined by Guild Masters when they form their guilds) for Guild Masters from every transaction that happens in their guilds.

4- A gaming hub where like-minded gamers and investors can meet and form strong relationships within the Spintop community.

5- A chance to be the best blockchain gaming guild in the crypto gaming ecosystem!

Benefits for blockchain games:

1- A new and sophisticated platform for your game to be in.

2- A huge amount of possible new players and NFT sales (to be lent in Guild Vaults).

3- A gaming hub where you can understand the needs of your players better and a chance to form strong bonds within our community, creating new loyal gamers and investors.

4- A chance for your NFTs to be more precious and sought after.

5- Due to our future plans, your game will play a more significant role in our ecosystem; since we are planning to launch an NFT product line consisting of an INO platform, GuildMaker and the NFT Marketplace will be two halves of the same medallion.

Finally, as we conclude our article, we are now leaving you with the landing page of our beloved upcoming GuildMaker! It is a sneak peek of what you will discover when GuildMaker is fully launched in the upcoming months!




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