Spintop Gaming Hub: Ecosystem Interaction

11 min readNov 28, 2022


Utilities and Their Benefits

Hello, everyone!

As we mentioned in our previous article, we are now on the path to a simplistic and user-friendly approach within the Spintop gaming hub. We want to ensure that every single participant within our hub can find whatever they are looking for easily and efficiently. The rebranding of some pages, such as Spindex’s transformation to Staking, is just the beginning. We work hard in the kitchen to make our utilities more interactive and interconnected. We aim to offer you a simple but majestic experience; when you log in anywhere within the hub, you’ll be able to use every tool without needing reconnection, for example. One Spintop profile to connect them all.

As our community members would already know, we have been active for almost a year. During that time, we’ve created three different tools within our ecosystem and are working on many more. Since we have various utilities within our ecosystem, we thought talking about our tools’ purposes, connections with each other, and the possibilities that they offer would clarify any fog within the minds of our current and potential community members. Also, this article can be seen as “Spintop Gaming Hub’s Ecosystem Guide” for game studios and projects which might consider partnering with us. Whether you are new to Spintop or a veteran, this article can give you an angle you were unaware of.

To make things perfectly clear for everyone, we are going to examine each tool one by one in this article. Afterwards, we will include their direct or indirect connections with other products. We will also mention the interaction of products with different roles separately -players, NFT Owners, game studios, projects, etc.- so that everyone can see the benefits most clearly. If you are ready to dive into the vast ecosystem of Spintop, buckle up!


Gamepedia is the most comprehensive blockchain gaming encyclopedia on the internet. It has hundreds of web3 games within its arsenal. Each game within Gamepedia has its own overview page, and most games have their detailed gaming guide as well, which offers tips and gameplay information about that particular game. Players can read detailed information about the game, watch videos, and look at in-game or concept images. On top of that, players can write reviews about the games that they’ve played. We really care about the objectivity of these reviews, so while moderating these reviews, we try to follow some rules that we think are fair. By preventing seeding and spamming, we preserve the objectivity of these reviews.

Aside from all these, Gamepedia is the main station of the Spintop railroad; it is essentially the central hub of our ecosystem. Visitors can go in the direction they want after visiting and receiving the information they want to acquire, such as Staking, GuildMaker (still in development), Launchpad, and NFT Marketplace (still in development).

Benefits: The Players/Investors

  • Find the most detailed information about blockchain games in one place.
  • Write or read objective reviews about a game. Also, can receive or tip $SPIN tokens via reviews.
  • Analyze and understand the general tendency of crypto games by using built-in filters.
  • Learn a lot about a game’s token.
  • Go to the playing section of a game and start playing instantly by clicking the “PLAY” button on the overview pages of games.
  • Create watchlists to follow up on their favorite games. Also, can share these watchlists with other people.
  • Use the “Academy” to read articles on various topics about blockchain and web3 games.
  • Follow the “News” section to learn about Spintop’s latest achievements, announcements, partnerships, etc.

Benefits: The Projects

  • Be visible to thousands of people and have a chance to attract new players and investors.
  • Be instantly reachable by the players, thanks to the “PLAY” button.
  • Be examined by players and investors compactly and more quickly since the overview pages provide a lot of information about a game that is taken from the game’s whitepaper and official sources.
  • Have an idea about the feedback of players and investors and plan the next move according to that feedback, thanks to the reviews written by players and investors.
  • Be featured on the super banners to be seen by more people.
  • Be featured in the “News” section and have a chance to be a topic of one of the articles written for the “Academy.”


Staking is a decentralized finance hub for blockchain gaming projects within the Spintop gaming hub. It offers yield farming and staking services to investors and projects right now. Also, it will have exchange and DeFi aspects in the future. It used to work only on Binance Smart Chain; however, we implemented the Polygon network in Staking in previous months.

As the ultimate cross-chain liquidity solution for GameFi, Staking includes farms, pools, and a vault. Investors can stake LP tokens on farms, such as $SPIN-$BNB, to generate $SPIN tokens. These farms require various game tokens and $SPIN tokens to be paired and staked on a particular farm. Pools, on the other hand, don’t have this requirement. Investors can stake their $SPIN tokens to generate game tokens.

The best part of Staking is implementing the “Double Rewarding System” for various games. This way, investors can generate both the game’s token and the $SPIN token simultaneously on farms. Also, we always pick the most prestigious games for Staking to prevent any aridness.

In addition to farms and pools, Staking also has the Launchpad Vault. However, we will dive into that when we talk about Launchpad.

Benefits: The Players/Investors

  • Stake on farms and pools with high APR rates to generate revenue.
  • Strategize their moves freely to earn more by using farms and pools at the same time. (To see how it works, check this article.)
  • Earn two different tokens instead of one, thanks to Double Rewarding System.

Benefits: The Projects

  • Increase the count of its token holders.
  • Create a new reason for people to buy its tokens; to stake on Spindex to earn $SPIN tokens.
  • Be partnered with Spintop to boost your project’s credibility and be seen by more people.


Launchpad is a tierless GameFi launcher and incubator platform for blockchain game projects. It offers a great headstart to projects and lowers the entry barrier for investors and gamers to be involved in them. Game projects launch their tokens on Launchpad to earn new gamers and investors. People can join vestings to acquire the game’s token for a fair price. While the games and their initial BUSD raise amount change, the quality of our launchpad stays the same.

We might encounter unexpected surprises due to the market’s current situation or reasons we cannot predict beforehand. To prevent any financial and/or psychological damage, we implemented the IPP, Investor Protection Program, into the Launchpad. Thanks to this program, if the token price drops below the IDO price and remains there for five consecutive days within the first two months, we refund the remaining vestings back to the investors. This feature grants investors a safe haven to invest freely in the games they believe in.

To join IDOs, investors must stake their $SPIN tokens on Launchpad Vault. Upon staking on here, investors will automatically be able to join IDOs and claim tokens if they want to. Also, they can generate $SPIN tokens passively during their staking period.

Benefits: The Players/Investors

  • Be involved with their favorite projects from the beginning.
  • Purchase tokens of a game for a fair price.
  • Join vestings freely since Launchpad doesn’t have a lock-up period.
  • Invest comfortably, thanks to our Investor Protection Program.

Benefits: The Projects

  • Increase the count of its token holders.
  • Earn publicity and form a community from the beginning.
  • Contribute to funding for the development of the project.
  • Act with peace of mind without facing any problems with investors, thanks to Investor Protection Program.


GuildMaker is an NFT-sharing platform for web3 projects. Within GuildMaker, community members form guilds that focus on a single game. The creators of guilds are called the Guild Masters. After its creation, the guild serves as a gaming and NFT rental hub for a specific game. The Scholars who want to play a game but don’t have the NFTs for it can join a guild created for the game they want to play and borrow NFTs from that guild’s Guild Vault. NFT Owners stake the NFTs inside a Guild Vault, creating a lendable NFT market for Scholars.

To sum up, Guild Masters form guilds, NFT Owners stake their NFTs in the Guild Vault, and Scholars borrow these NFTs from Guild Vault to play that particular game.

GuildMaker is a free, fair, permissionless, trustless, and decentralized platform. It also has a rating system that increases the platform’s general quality and offers fairness for everyone. You can learn more about GuildMaker from this article.

Benefits: The Players/Investors

  • Be Scholars to borrow an NFT without paying additional lending costs and dive into their favorite game instantly without paying the full price for the NFT.
  • Be Scholars to earn income while playing games with the borrowed NFTs.
  • Be NFT Owners to earn passive income when they lend their NFTs to Scholars.
  • Be Guild Masters to earn a fair percentage of every transaction that happens in their guilds.
  • Form communities inside a community with like-minded gamers and investors and support each other.

Benefits: The Projects

  • Be a part of a new and groundbreaking platform.
  • Attract a huge amount of possible new players.
  • Increase its NFT sales to be lent in Guild Vaults.
  • Form direct relationships with their player and investor base, understand them and analyze their feedback firsthand.
  • Increase the general value of its NFTs and make them more precious within the different marketplaces as well.

NFT Marketplace:

NFT Marketplace will be the supply and exchange market for crypto gamers and investors. Yes, “will be” because we are still working on it. From this marketplace, participants will be able to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. These features directly link NFT Marketplace with GuildMaker; the NFTs can be used on GuildMaker by Scholars and NFT Owners.

Benefits: The Players/Investors

  • Buy or rent NFTs to play games directly.
  • Sell or lend NFTs to earn income.
  • Use NFTs on GuildMaker to earn income by lending them.
  • Be the first players/investors to get a hold of a project’s in-game items and NFTs (INO).

Benefits: The Projects

  • Be a part of a new and groundbreaking platform.
  • A chance for your project to launch its in-game items and NFTs.
  • A way to connect with GuildMaker directly, thanks to the launching mechanism (INO) of the tool.

Course of Proceeding: Spintop Gaming Hub

If you’ve read this far, you know the tools and how they benefit you. But there is a synergy between these tools, and they affect each other directly or indirectly. Each tool within the Spintop gaming hub has a primary purpose, such as Gamepedia being the information provider or Staking being the liquidity provider. Aside from their primary objectives, each tool also has subsidiary purposes. This section will focus on how tools support each other within the hub and explain the diagram below.

We’ll explain the diagram above using roles’ roadmaps to make things very simple and easily understandable.

The Project’s Roadmap

If you are a studio that developed a great web3 game, congratulations, you are probably on Gamepedia already! We pick the best games for Gamepedia, and within this encyclopedia, there are hundreds of games we have yet to form partnerships with. You don’t have to be our partner to be featured on Gamepedia; the only requirement is a good game with decent tokenomics and credibility.

Gamepedia is the main aggregator of our ecosystem. As mentioned above, Gamepedia is the main station of the Spintop railroad; we generate our traffic from Gamepedia, and our traffic disperses from there. So, if your game is on Gamepedia, it will undoubtedly be seen by our visitors.

The best part of Gamepedia is that it creates awareness. Whether you are our partner or not, you will be a familiar face to our visitors. From that point, if you are our partner, our visitors will know a lot about you and feel better and more secure when they jump right into your farms and pools inside the Staking page. If you have farms or/and pools in Staking, your overview page in Gamepedia will have the “Stake & Earn” button. This button directly takes visitors to your farm and pool to let them stake in your assets. The same applies to Launchpad as well; if you are on Launchpad, there will be a button to redirect visitors to your Launchpad page. You guessed it right, if you are a GuildMaker game or if you have NFTs in NFT Marketplace, visitors will be sent to those sections as well. So basically, your home base will be Gamepedia, but visitors will be directed to your other pages according to the extent of our partnership. This dispersing activity of Gamepedia is its subsidiary purpose as the aggregator.

With Gamepedia’s awareness boost to your game, people can purchase your NFTs from NFT Marketplace to lend them on GuildMaker. NFT Marketplace and GuildMaker are best friends; NFTs on NFT Marketplace feed the community of GuildMaker and create a market and playground for both investors and players. Players and investors can stake their earned rewards from GuildMaker on Staking to multiply their revenue. As you can see, the entire hub supports each other, one way or another.

The Players and Investors’ Roadmap

Let’s say you saw a game on Gamepedia and liked it a lot. If it’s on Launchpad, doing its IDO or INO, you can directly contribute to the game you like and become an early supporter. Afterwards, you can use your claimed tokens from Launchpad to stake on Staking to maximize your profit. You can turn that profit into an investment by buying the game’s NFT on NFT Marketplace and then lending that NFT to Scholars on GuildMaker to earn passive income. Spintop is a one-stop gaming hub; you can do many things on one platform since it’s interconnected.

Let’s look at it from another angle; let’s say you are a player and see a game on Gamepedia you want to play. You don’t have the budget for the NFTs of the game, but you really want to play it; your medicine is GuildMaker. You can borrow the NFT you desire from an NFT Owner and start your gaming adventure instantly without any additional cost. When you gain revenue by using your borrowed NFT, you are now in a position to stake your earnings on the Staking page to gain additional profit. When you earn enough revenue to buy your own NFT from the NFT Marketplace, you can lend it on GuildMaker to Scholars and create a way to earn passive income. You started as a Scholar, but thanks to our hub’s interconnected and progressive approach, you eventually became an NFT Owner or even a Guild Master.

The ecosystem has no limits or outside intervention; you set your goals and make them happen. That is why we believe Spintop gaming hub is the ultimate web3 ecosystem; it’s democratic, user-friendly, progressive, and, most importantly, created by people just like you.




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