Spintop Gaming Hub: Ecosystem Interaction

Utilities and Their Benefits

  • Find the most detailed information about blockchain games in one place.
  • Write or read objective reviews about a game. Also, can receive or tip $SPIN tokens via reviews.
  • Analyze and understand the general tendency of crypto games by using built-in filters.
  • Learn a lot about a game’s token.
  • Go to the playing section of a game and start playing instantly by clicking the “PLAY” button on the overview pages of games.
  • Create watchlists to follow up on their favorite games. Also, can share these watchlists with other people.
  • Use the “Academy” to read articles on various topics about blockchain and web3 games.
  • Follow the “News” section to learn about Spintop’s latest achievements, announcements, partnerships, etc.
  • Be visible to thousands of people and have a chance to attract new players and investors.
  • Be instantly reachable by the players, thanks to the “PLAY” button.
  • Be examined by players and investors compactly and more quickly since the overview pages provide a lot of information about a game that is taken from the game’s whitepaper and official sources.
  • Have an idea about the feedback of players and investors and plan the next move according to that feedback, thanks to the reviews written by players and investors.
  • Be featured on the super banners to be seen by more people.
  • Be featured in the “News” section and have a chance to be a topic of one of the articles written for the “Academy.”
  • Stake on farms and pools with high APR rates to generate revenue.
  • Strategize their moves freely to earn more by using farms and pools at the same time. (To see how it works, check this article.)
  • Earn two different tokens instead of one, thanks to Double Rewarding System.
  • Increase the count of its token holders.
  • Create a new reason for people to buy its tokens; to stake on Spindex to earn $SPIN tokens.
  • Be partnered with Spintop to boost your project’s credibility and be seen by more people.
  • Be involved with their favorite projects from the beginning.
  • Purchase tokens of a game for a fair price.
  • Join vestings freely since Launchpad doesn’t have a lock-up period.
  • Invest comfortably, thanks to our Investor Protection Program.
  • Increase the count of its token holders.
  • Earn publicity and form a community from the beginning.
  • Contribute to funding for the development of the project.
  • Act with peace of mind without facing any problems with investors, thanks to Investor Protection Program.
  • Be Scholars to borrow an NFT without paying additional lending costs and dive into their favorite game instantly without paying the full price for the NFT.
  • Be Scholars to earn income while playing games with the borrowed NFTs.
  • Be NFT Owners to earn passive income when they lend their NFTs to Scholars.
  • Be Guild Masters to earn a fair percentage of every transaction that happens in their guilds.
  • Form communities inside a community with like-minded gamers and investors and support each other.
  • Be a part of a new and groundbreaking platform.
  • Attract a huge amount of possible new players.
  • Increase its NFT sales to be lent in Guild Vaults.
  • Form direct relationships with their player and investor base, understand them and analyze their feedback firsthand.
  • Increase the general value of its NFTs and make them more precious within the different marketplaces as well.
  • Buy or rent NFTs to play games directly.
  • Sell or lend NFTs to earn income.
  • Use NFTs on GuildMaker to earn income by lending them.
  • Be the first players/investors to get a hold of a project’s in-game items and NFTs (INO).
  • Be a part of a new and groundbreaking platform.
  • A chance for your project to launch its in-game items and NFTs.
  • A way to connect with GuildMaker directly, thanks to the launching mechanism (INO) of the tool.

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