Spintop 2.0 Update Log #4, September: Behind-the-Scenes of Infrastructure

2 min readSep 27, 2023



At the beginning of the month, we allocated our efforts towards the backend and infrastructure, building upon and complementing the UI and UX improvements we made in August while completing a detailed testing phase. This month was all about the backend — the infrastructure that powers Spintop 2.0. Moreover, our Development Team went above and beyond, crafting over 50,000 lines of code and meticulously conducting bug tests to ensure a seamless user experience!

Unique User Profiles

In Spintop 2.0, every user will have their own unique profile. Once users sign up with their profile, they gain access to all the features within Spintop 2.0, and their profiles will evolve based on their actions within our ecosystem. To achieve this, we’ve made it essential for everyone to sign up on our platform. The sign-up process includes crypto wallet, Google, or email connection options, making it easier than ever for our users to complete the sign-up flow.

The backend, database, and frontend developments for the sign-up and login flows of 2.0 are now completed and thoroughly tested.

Staking Feature

Spintop 2.0 will also include the Staking feature, better than ever, with fresh UI/UX improvements. Backend, contract integrations, and frontend developments for this feature are finished, and testing is successfully concluded.

Revamped Launchpad Experience

We didn’t stop at just unique user profiles and Staking; we’ve also revamped the UX and UI of the Launchpad section in the new Spintop. Launchpad Vault (formerly known as “Spinstarter Vault”) has also been moved to Launchpad to ensure a smoother and easy-to-follow user experience.

Backend and frontend developments for Launchpad are completed, and rigorous testing has been successfully conducted.

Gamepedia Overview Page Improvements

We’ve initiated improvements for Gamepedia’s game overview pages, focusing on CMS and backend services. This week, we’re starting frontend developments for the game overview pages, which will enhance our users’ gaming and learning experience.

These behind-the-scenes developments pave the way for a smoother, more user-centric experience in Spintop 2.0. We’re excited to continue sharing our progress with you as we approach the grand unveiling of Spintop 2.0!




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