Spintop Introduces: Launchpad Investor Protection Program

3 min readAug 16, 2022


At Spintop, our community is what makes us, so it is our duty to protect you.

We love crypto because it gives us the full freedom to invest in the projects that we believe in. With freedom comes responsibility. We believe that this logic applies to investing, particularly to crypto investments. With total freedom to invest comes an extra degree of self-responsibility to do our own research and be extra careful about our decisions.

In the same vein, launching new projects in the GameFi space takes responsibility. As more and more investors and traders join our ecosystem, our responsibility at Spintop also increases. Based on our own experience and the volatile nature of our sector, as a token of appreciation for your trust in us, we have decided to protect you with the Investor Protection Program.

We strive for quality over quantity. We are extra careful and picky with the projects we choose to launch via Launchpad. With the same mindset, we are extra watchful for our investors as well. Let's take a look at the details of this program.

With this policy, we are going to make a preliminary agreement with all the projects that we will launch with the protective conditions below:

Investor Protection Program & Refund Conditions:

1. Investor Protection Program (IPP): For a healthy and beneficial launch program for both our investors and launch partners, Spintop requires that the funds raised by the IDO/IGO remain in control of Spintop.

• First 2 months' worth of vested funds will be directly sent to the partner project. Within the first 2 months, if the token price drops below the IDO/IGO price and remains there for 5 consecutive days, Spintop holds the right to refund the remaining vestings back to the investors.

  • As for the remaining vestings following the first 2 months (e.g. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc...) Spintop will transfer the funds to the partner project at the start of each corresponding vesting.
  • In case of a malicious event and/or the token price dropping 30% below the IDO price, Spintop will reserve the right for a refund to its investors. In such cases Spintop will reserve the right for a refund the first 2 days of the vesting date, then send tokens/funds back to the partner project.

2. Spintop requires that the project should provide liquidity in a 1:3 ratio in relation to its Initial Market Cap (IMC)

3. The initial liquidity of the token should be locked by a reliable third-party token locker.

4. All of the remaining tokens of the project should be locked according to its tokenomics table shared with Spintop. Any other case or neglect will be counted as a malicious act.

5. Token contracts will be required to be audited by a reliable audit firm.

We care about you, and we believe that this is something that will make you happy! Therefore we are delighted to initiate the Launchpad Investor Protection Program effective immediately.




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