SpinStarter Has Joined the Game

Hello Spintop Community,

If you have been following us for a while now, you may have noticed that we have always given hints about having some surprises down the road, especially for 2022. Today our team is ready to reveal one of the biggest surprises of the year. We are very excited to announce our new addition to our upcoming products: SpinStarter, Spintop’s tierless (and, in the future, tireless) game launcher.

SpinStarter essentially is a launchpad by its nature, but we envision it being slightly different from some launchpads that users are familiar with. Before we delve into its details, we briefly want to give you a better idea of what SpinStarter will bring to the table in terms of benefits to the Spintop Network, the community, and the game developers.

With SpinStarter’s release, Spintop Network will be completing its cycle to be an end-to-end blockchain gaming platform, supporting the game projects at pre-launch(SpinStarter-Gamepedia), launch(Gamepedia-Spindex), and post-launch(Guildmaker-NFT Marketplace) stages. Additionally, game projects and their tokens will be available on the Spintop ecosystem before they are released, creating investment opportunities.

As for our community, they will have the privilege to be early investors in the games that are hand-picked by our team. We value quality over quantity, and we will have strict criteria for the games to be on SpinStarter to provide a better ROI (return of investment) chance to the investors. In addition, with Spinstarter, users will be getting another utility to stake SPIN tokens until the launch of the Guildmaker and additional pools; staking SPIN will give users the chance to receive whitelist spots and airdrops of the new game projects.

Blockchain game developers will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience at development stages through Gamepedia and create a wider community of early investors to invest in their games through SpinStarter.

Our vision and the benefits that SpinStarter will provide are not limited to the benefits mentioned above. We aim to continuously improve and build on what we are creating with our community’s contributions.

We know you have two questions about SpinStarter on your mind right now. How does it work? And when will it be live? Let’s answer those quickly below:

How: As we mentioned above SpinStarter is a tierless game launcher, and you will be hearing this phrase a lot from us because it is…well, tierless. It has no tiers or locks to create a more fair experience. You will be rewarded depending on the average of your cumulative contributions in a 15 day period in regards to the total stake pool. Therefore, the number of people staking for that project pool is also a deciding factor. A simple formula for this would be:

(Sum of user’s of daily staked value for 15 consecutive days / Sum of staked daily value for 15 consecutive days Contributions by all Investors)*Total number of tokens sold

Lastly, as you may have guessed by now, we will be launching two games per month as we stand by our words; quality over quantity.

When: We plan to release SpinStarter by the end of Q1 2022 at the latest and will be working hard to ensure that it is not delayed any further.

Hopefully, you are excited as we are after reading this. Stay tuned for further details about SpinStarter!




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