Spindex: Sustainable Staking Strategies

2 min readMar 17, 2022


Maximize your earning potential by compounding your harvest rewards with a prevailing strategy for the Spintop ecosystem without selling your SPIN tokens.

Based on the community feedback we have received so far, we wanted to offer a sustainable and efficient strategy to navigate through your Spindex staking options to maximize your earnings potential by compounding your rewards.

For this strategy let’s consider SPIN and KING as an example. Remember, you can apply this same strategy for any other game token on Spindex as well (referred to as "A GAME TOKEN" on the summary diagram above).

Here’s a step by step case for a $100 initial investment on Spindex:

  1. Allocate $50 (50% of your investment) of SPIN-BNB LP to stake in the SPIN-BNB farm and $50 (50% of your investment) of SPIN in the SPIN-KING single staking pool.
  2. Now the SPIN-BNB LP farm will start to generate SPIN rewards and the SPIN-KING pool will generate KING rewards for you simultaneously at similar rates since their daily APRs are close to each other.
  3. Next, you harvest your earnings from the SPIN-BNB LP farm and SPIN-KING pool and pair them to create a SPIN-KING LP token.
  4. Then, stake your SPIN-KING LP in the SPIN-KING farm to take advantage of higher APRs, so you can generate another source of SPIN rewards to maximize your earning potential.
  5. Finally, your stake in the SPIN-KING LP farm will start generating SPIN rewards for you, which you can stake in the single SPIN-KING pool again to increase your KING reward earnings.

On that note, we are currently working on adding a yield optimizer contract on Spindex to help you follow this strategy for particular tokens of your choice. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Got any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at team@spintop.network.




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