Progression Log #9, February

3 min readMar 11, 2024


Hello everyone!

As we mentioned at the end of January, we entered February well-prepared, and it turned out to be a packed month with significant development updates and Gamepedia banner campaigns! Here’s what happened in February!

Spintop 2.0 Development Updates

  1. CMS (Content Management System) operations for the game detail pages on Gamepedia have been completed.
  2. Frontend development for Gamepedia’s homepage has started. With the new 2.0 version, this improvement will make Gamepedia the homepage of our ecosystem.
  3. Coinmarketcap and Trading View APIs have been integrated into the new “Token Overview” tab on Gamepedia. With the 2.0 version, you can explore a game’s token in real-time while reviewing the game itself.
  4. The router developments to enable token trade on Gamepedia have started. In the 2.0 version, you can buy and sell a game’s token while exploring the game.

Once these and more improvements are completed, you will be able to access all the details of any game, such as token, team, developer, or publisher, through Gamepedia and trade tokens within seconds without going to any third-party websites or platforms!

Additionally, thanks to the enhancements and improvements made to Gamepedia’s infrastructure, you will be able to experience a smooth quest, raffle, and lootbox experience while encountering a comprehensive homepage with everything neatly organized and easily accessible!

Gaming Session with Cryptomeda

At the beginning of February, we had a Discord gameplay session where we played Meda Shooter with our long-time partner, Cryptomeda. During this enjoyable session, we discussed the future of Cryptomeda and the gameplay of Meda Shooter with our community members. At the end of the live stream, we gave away Cryptomeda’s Spinner NFT, an NFT created with the inspiration of our very own ecosystem, to five lucky viewers! Thanks to our beloved community members and Cryptomeda for joining us in this fantastic event!

Gamepedia Banner Campaigns

We were delighted to showcase two great games in our banner spaces in February! For Reality Metaverse, the banner went live at the beginning of February and received 1519 clicks. Among the clickers, 313 directly joined the Reality Metaverse ecosystem! This resulted in an impressive conversion rate of 20.6% for this specific banner.

In the mid-February campaign for our partner Cryptomeda, we achieved 2047 banner clicks, and among the clickers, 423 joined the Cryptomeda ecosystem! This campaign raised our conversion rate to 20%.

Gamepedia in a Nutshell

In the second month of 2024, 67,893 people visited our site. Of these visitors, 11,517 dived into action by clicking the “Play” button for the games they were interested in! This means that in February, 27 out of every 100 visitors on Gamepedia pressed the “Play” button to start playing!

In February, we added a total of 7 new games to Gamepedia:

As we step into March, the harbinger of spring, we’re feeling excited! Not just because of the arrival of spring but also because we have plenty of surprises for you in March! To stay informed about these surprises, don’t forget to follow us on the links below:




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