Progression Log #6, November

3 min readDec 5, 2023


Hello, everyone!

Just as at the end of every month, we’re here at the close of November with our latest Medium article covering the news, developments, and events related to Spintop. Having passed through November, especially in close interaction with our community through our events, we have exciting new events and developments on the horizon!

Spintop 2.0 Development Updates

1. We have finalized our system in Spintop 2.0 that will offer game recommendations and page suggestions based on users’ interests, games they’ve browsed, and actions they’ve taken.

2. Operations are completed to transform Game Guides into separate subpages in the new 2.0 version. This will not only enhance user convenience but also significantly improve SEO performance.

3. As of November, we have commenced work on the backbone endpoints of Gamepedia. When these endpoints are completed, combining them with our finished “recommendations based on player actions” system, you can expect to see which games will appear on the homepage, the sequence of these games, and the frequency of their appearance, ensuring the best possible experience for you.

Gamepedia: Connecting Players and Web3 Games

Gamepedia has always held a special place for us, serving as a platform where our passion for our work and games can be directly expressed. It is the most comprehensive gaming library in the web3 ecosystem and remains dedicated to updating game information every other day, providing our valued community members with the most accurate data. With thousands of players objectively sharing their thoughts on games, Gamepedia hosts over 430 web3 games.

Between January 2023 and November 2023, over 320,000 users visited the web3 games on Gamepedia, leaving hundreds of comments and ratings on numerous games. Among these 320,000 players, a staggering 60,071 directly stepped into the world of web3 games by hitting the ‘PLAY’ button on the overview pages, perhaps for the first time or even the hundredth time. This underlines a significant milestone for us and the web3 gaming ecosystem, as it showcases steady progress toward our mission of being the ‘bridge between games and players.’ This achievement reaffirms our commitment to this mission and the evolving web3 gaming industry.

November’s Cobot Rumble

We’ve wrapped up the second Cobot Rumble in November. A total of 315 players registered for our text-based strategy game on Discord, with 281 engaging in fierce competition, accumulating a staggering 7,284 in-game actions over 14 days to claim the title of the top pilot and win rewards. With an impressive 89.20% participation rate, Cobot Rumble seems poised to remain a community favorite for an extended period.

Registrations for the new Cobot Rumble are open! Sign-ups close on December 6th, with the game starting on the same day at full throttle!

New Games on Gamepedia

In November, Gamepedia expanded, adding 12 web3 games to our library. Our collection now hosts engaging titles, including:

  1. XEO
  2. Shrapnel
  3. Legacy
  4. Aptos Arena
  5. Elders Grace
  6. Medieval Empires
  7. Synergy Land
  8. OneRare
  9. Lucky Farmer
  10. Fusionist
  11. Elemental Raiders
  12. Drunk Robots

Our focus on growth and innovation within the web3 gaming ecosystem remains evident. Through Gamepedia expansion, community engagements like Cobot Rumble, and ongoing improvements to Spintop 2.0, this month signifies our dedication. Looking forward, we aim to explore new horizons and contribute to the evolving landscape of web3 gaming, driven by our commitment to enhancing gaming experiences.




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