Progression Log #5, October

5 min readNov 4, 2023


Hello, everyone!

At Spintop, we’ve always been committed to informing you about the latest and most significant developments in Spintop 2.0. However, as we embrace change and growth, we’ve decided to switch gears in our Medium articles. From now on, our articles will not just delve into the Spintop 2.0 version updates; they’ll offer a comprehensive glimpse into everything we’ve achieved within a month.

Spintop 2.0 Development Updates

  1. In November, our primary focus is the development of Gamepedia’s game overview pages. These pages will serve as a valuable asset, directing our substantial user traffic and reinforcing our role as the bridge connecting players to games. Users will find comprehensive gameplay information, tokenomics, community reviews and ratings, game guides, game-related quests, and the game’s sponsored raffles. We’re also creating dedicated spaces, including banners, for advertisements within these overview pages.
  2. We’ve made significant progress on the backend and database systems, with completion nearly in sight. In November, our focus will shift towards finalizing front-end developments and enhancing the user interface.
  3. We’re crafting an event page template to streamline event participation and provide easy access to event information.
  4. Once these developments are completed in November, we’ll initiate testing to ensure a smooth user experience. We’ll inform our community about the testing process and may seek volunteers to test the latest Spintop 2.0 developments.
  5. Looking ahead, we’ll continue refining our Content Management System (CMS) to ensure a seamless and error-free workflow.
A glimpse into the game overview page tokenomics section

Calculable Success: Chain of Legends’ Gamepedia Banner Campaign

In our unwavering pursuit of fostering strong connections between games and players, we’ve harnessed the might of our website’s considerable user traffic to beckon new players to our esteemed partner, Chain of Legends. The strategic placement of banners in specific high-visibility locations has paved the way for impressive numbers. In this venture, we’ve distributed NFTs as rewards to those players who clicked on our banners, offering them a valuable headstart upon entering the world of Chain of Legends.

To gauge our success, let’s delve into the numbers. Our efforts drew in an impressive 1,871 unique users, with a remarkable 2,384 clicks on our banners, underlining the efficacy of our approach. The most significant achievement is that we successfully enticed 825 users to register and engage with the game, showcasing a registration rate of 44% per user, 34% per click, and 6.8% per total user. These numbers illuminate the pivotal role we play in establishing essential connections between games and eager players.

Banner placements and “Play” button modification for the Chain of Legends campaign

The Best Spinathlon Ever

In community engagement, Spinathlon is a testament to our commitment to interactive and enjoyable events. The recent Spinathlon #16 shattered our previous records as the most popular Spinathlon in our history, drawing 110 unique participants. This triumphant feat not only demonstrates the incredible growth of our community but also reaffirms our dedication to providing exciting and interactive experiences for our community members.

Cobot Rumble Updates

Cobot Rumble is a text-based strategy game on Discord developed entirely by Spintop, from its in-game storyline to its advanced bot technology.

  1. Energy Refill Countdown: In Cobot Rumble, we’ve introduced a new feature: the “Energy Refill Countdown.” Now, players can precisely track when their energy will be replenished, minute by minute, ensuring they can dive back into the action at the perfect moment.
  2. Revised “Instant Death” in Random Encounters: We’ve adjusted the odds of encountering the dreaded “Instant Death” in “Random Encounters.” This perilous outcome will only come into play after the third day of Cobot Rumble, offering players a more balanced and exciting experience.
  3. Enhanced Leaderboard: We’ve made significant improvements to Cobot Rumble’s leaderboard. Now, besides the top 20 pilots, all players will have the opportunity to see their rankings, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie among participants.
  4. Bug Fixes and Optimization: To provide the best experience possible, we’ve diligently addressed and resolved minor bugs and issues in Cobot Rumble. Our commitment to smooth gameplay and player satisfaction remains unwavering.
A new Cobot Rumble adventure will kick off on November 6th

Partnerships in October

In October, we extended a hand in partnership to four exciting games: 2040 World, Alterverse, Burger Cities, and The Machines Arena. These collaborative ventures open doors to new adventures, expanding our web3 gaming universe while strengthening our commitment to the gaming community.

New Games on Gamepedia

October was a month of expansion and diversity for Gamepedia, as we welcomed 14 captivating web3 games into our ever-growing library. The roster now includes engaging titles such as:

  1. MetaCene
  2. Superwalk
  3. Bullieverse
  4. Katana Inu
  5. Arena Of Faith
  6. Formula E: High Voltage
  7. Loaded Lions: Mane City
  8. 2040World
  9. NFL Rivals
  10. BR1: Infinite
  11. The Machines Arena
  12. Kingdom Story: Heroes War
  13. ChainGunnies
  14. Arcus

With this eclectic collection, we’re thrilled to offer our community an even broader spectrum of gaming experiences, ensuring there’s something for every player to explore and enjoy.

As we reflect on the fruitful month of October, it’s evident that our dedication and hard work have been the driving forces behind our achievements. The journey doesn’t end here; we’re committed to constantly improving and evolving to provide the best experiences for our community. We’re leveling up daily, embracing new challenges, forming partnerships, and expanding our horizons. With a passionate team and a supportive community by our side, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Together, we’ll continue to build, innovate, and explore the exciting world of web3 gaming.




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