Progression Log #10, Spring

4 min readJul 4, 2024


Hello everyone!

We haven’t published our monthly Progression Log updates since March because we wanted to create a comprehensive log that covers all of spring and Q2, providing a clearer big picture of our ecosystem’s developments. This update will cover the months of March, April, May, and June!

We won’t go into excessive details, making this article overly long and time-consuming to read. Instead, we’ll highlight and summarize the key developments. For all the detailed updates and announcements, you can follow our X, Telegram, and Discord accounts.

If your drinks and snacks are ready, let’s get started!

Spring: What We Were Up To

1- Launchpad:

  • We conducted our first IDO in March on our revamped Launchpad with Sugar Kingdom Odyssey. The launch raised $50,000 in a short time and sold out. Its vesting is still ongoing.
  • Following Sugar Kingdom Odyssey, we selected R Games as our second launch project. This launch also raised $50,000 and sold out quickly, with ongoing vesting.
  • Our third project was Fishverse. The launch raised 91.67% of the total $50,000, and the vesting is still ongoing.
  • Immediately after Fishverse, we launched Clashub, a project we had been in dialogue with for a long time. The project raised the entire $50,000 and sold out, with ongoing vesting. We also opened an exclusive Staking pool for launch participants to earn additional tokens.
  • Lastly, our fifth launch project was Kokodi, which raised the full $50,000 in a short time. The TGE for this project will happen in Q3.

According to CryptoRank, we were among the top six launchpads in May based on four launched projects (since Kokodi’s TGE has not yet happened).

2- AMAs:

Since our last Progression Log, we have hosted AMAs with projects like Providence, Sugar Kingdom Odyssey, R Games, Fishverse, and Kokodi. During the same period, we were also guests in AMAs hosted by Kokodi, Citizen Conflict, Haven’s Compass, BloodLoop, and Seedify.

As a result of these AMAs, we have added hundreds of new members to our ecosystem and community.

3- Spintop 2.0 Developments:

We are thrilled to announce that the development of Spintop 2.0, including profiles, quests, raffles, and all mechanics, is fully completed! We dedicated the spring season to finalizing these systems and conducted numerous tests in June to enhance the user experience. Based on these tests, we have started making adjustments to ensure a smoother and more user-friendly experience. We expect all adjustments and fine-tuning to be completed by September at the latest!

4- Partnerships:

While finalizing Spintop 2.0, we secured partnerships with new games and communities to join our ecosystem in various capacities. Quest-based partnerships will allow you to complete quests for partner games within Spintop 2.0, earning rewards by completing their quests while playing their games. Community-based partnerships aim to expand our ecosystem and increase the community member count, introducing tens of thousands of new people to Spintop.

We will announce which projects will be actively involved in 2.0 in the coming days because we don’t want to spoil the surprise factor in this article. But rest assured, amazing projects, games, and their quests are coming your way soon!

5- Banner Campaigns:

From March to July, we ran 8 banner campaigns for 6 game projects. Our carefully tailored banner campaigns intrigued 7,082 gamers, who clicked on our banners 10,624 times. These metrics show that our banner campaigns reach out to the intended gamer target audience since most of those who click on the banners click more than once.

6- Gamepedia:

From early spring to the second month of summer, Gamepedia acquired more than 430,000 views. These views by the users ended up in-site actions more than 1.7 million times.

Gamepedia views turned into game overview “Play” button clicks more than 47,000 times, meaning more than 29,000 users took direct action toward games.

In the four-month period, a total of 38 games were added to Gamepedia:

We have had a busy but very enjoyable four months. As we prepare for Spintop 2.0, we have secured fantastic collaborations and quest structures for the upcoming months. With Spintop 2.0 going live very soon, our ecosystem will grow even more, becoming a platform where time spent is more fun, meaningful, and rewarding.




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