New Gamepedia Update is Live!

Hello Spintop Community,

Since Gamepedia’s launch in January, we have added new games, guides, and features and continuously refined the user experience based on your feedback. Along with the changes made that were relatively easier, some improvements naturally take more time to implement as it requires changing some of the core fundamentals.

Today we are here to tell you more about one of the more significant changes that we are launching, and in the future, we will be regularly posting here about such updates to keep you up-to-date. You can find the list of changes below, along with their reasoning and how they will impact your experience of Gamepedia.

New Rating & Review Systems

Since its launch in January, Gamepedia got richer in content, and new small but much-needed features were added over time. As the product matured to a state that we are more satisfied with, we changed our primary focus to refining the features we have since launch.

The rating was one of the flawed systems that we were not very proud of as it mainly led to “comparing apples and oranges” when in-development games are rated and categorized the same way playable(which includes the Beta state) games are. This comparison created an unfair playground as most in-development games were getting high ratings because of their communities’ expectations of an unreleased game. In contrast, playable games were susceptible to getting lower ratings as some users may not be happy about a particular issue of the live game. To create a better and fairer experience for both game developers and the users, we decided to overhaul our old rating system to make a better one that reflects and adapts to the games’ current status.

Along with the issue mentioned above, we also want Gamepedia users to evaluate and assess the ratings a game has received better and contribute with their opinions of the game in a more structured and visible way for other users to see. Therefore, we are making the ratings more in-depth by creating 4 new(3 for playable and 1 for in-dev) rating criteria, and we are creating a new tab/page for the users to rate and write reviews of the games they have played. You can find the detailed explanations of the changes below;

  • New “Reviews” tab in the game detail page is created for users to read and write reviews.
  • Users now can’t rate without writing a review. This feature is put in place to deter users and bots from spamming unrealistically high or low ratings without any basis or knowledge about the game.
  • In-development and playable games are more distinguishable visually; in-dev game ratings are shown with hollow rating boxes, whereas playable have a solid one.
  • Ratings are now color-coded; they will have red, orange, or green colors according to their rating values
  • 3 separate new rating criteria for playable(which includes the Beta state) games. The total rating is calculated by taking the average of the three ratings explained below;
  1. Play-to-earn: The level of reward and profitability the player gets for their efforts and invested time in the game.
  2. Potential: Future of the project, according to user’s view of the development team, tokenomics, and the roadmap.
  3. Gameplay: The video game features of the project, such as its graphics, mechanics, and sound effects.
  • “Hype” criteria added. It will be the only available criteria for in-development games. Hype rating will be reset to 0 when a game is made available to play as the criteria of the playable game is different, and the previous rating wouldn’t be relevant anymore.
  • All of the previous ratings of the games are reset to 0 to ensure a fair start for the new system. The reset is a one-time occurrence.
  • Reviews require the users to write a minimum of 100 characters. This is enforced to prevent spam and increase the informative aspect of the reviews about the game.
  • Option to comment on individual reviews.
  • Option to report reviews.


We are adding a “Tipping” option to incentivize our users to increase their reviews’ quality and quantity. Users will be able to send tips to any user review they like with any amount of SPIN they want. If you like a review and think it contributed a lot to you, be sure to return the favor by tipping the reviewer. Small acts of kindness can go a long way!


We have added the much-needed “Notifications” feature. Currently, it is only available as a basic function but will be developed further. Users will be able to get notifications if they receive a like, comment, reply, or tip on their reviews. We aim to help our community bond better with notifications features by creating conversation and interaction between the users.

What’s Next on the List for Gamepedia?

As we take this update live, we will start wrapping up the other exciting developments and improvements we have been working on for a while. Here are some of the future updates we can tease for now;

  • Improving the profile page to give our community better personalization and customization options
  • Add tokenomics and token sale (along with vesting periods when the information is available) details to the game pages. This is a very popular community feedback, and we hear you loud and clear!
  • Lastly, the biggest teaser we can give right now is the Gamepedia 2.0! We know that our community already really likes how our current website looks visually, but, as the perfectionists we are, we aspire to make it even better and more user-friendly.

The points mentioned above are just a little snippet of what we plan for the future of Gamepedia! Thanks to your constant support and feedback, we are constantly motivated to achieve better and push Gamepedia to a higher level every time we release an update. As we stated in previous updates, we want to build Gamepedia with our community and for our community, so please keep providing us with valuable feedback as it will shape the future of this product.

If you have any questions or feedback about Gamepedia, please drop in for a chat with us in our Discord or Telegram channels :)



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