Guild Maker

Hi everyone,

The latest cool trend of the blockchain gaming ecosystem “guilds” came out to be the missing piece of our vision for the ultimate gaming hub. Now we can somewhat call our product complete. Ahem.. for the time being in the ever-developing blockchain ecosystem:)

We are very proud to announce the Guild Maker to our community, a social yield guild incubator for play2earn games.

While designing this system we have paid extra attention to three aspects,

  • Breaking entry barriers
  • Mutual benefits
  • Sociability

The play2earn trend seems revolutionary, allowing everyone to earn with equal opportunities wherever they may be around the world. Yet there are two main barriers to entering the system, both for the sponsors (NFT owners) and the scholars (players). The NFT investors don’t have enough time to play with multiple p2e NFTs and the initial fees for entering these games might go up to thousands of dollars which might be too much for some of the players.

Guild Maker will consist of multiple guilds, which will be designed specifically for certain play2earn games. In Guild Maker, we aim to match the sponsors (NFT owners) with the scholars (players). Guilds will be created by the sponsors by burning Spin and allocating NFT assets to their guild’s pool. The created guild will be managed by subdaos which are applied by the corresponding guild’s sponsors. Scholars will pick the items needed for playing the game and will be getting the higher percentage of the earnings (time is the most precious resource), Spintop will take %2 to be used for the burning mechanisms and the rewards. The remaining earnings will go to the guild pool to be distributed between the sponsors which will range between 49% to 30%

Both the guilds and the players will be competing against each other with the help of an MMR system, and The Spintop Team will make sure that the winners will be handsomely rewarded:)

The Spintop Team will be the first guild sponsor until there are enough sponsors and scholars in the system. Later on, The Spintop Guild will be disbanded to keep the competition fair.




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