Gamepedia is Live!

Hello Spintop Community,

We are excited to cross the first item from our New Year goals list and launch our second product, which is also the most asked about; Gamepedia!

As most of you know, the launch for Gamepedia was initially planned for December as stated on our roadmap, however we decided that it was not fully ready; we had to iron out some kinks and continued to add more games in the process. By doing so, in addition to a product with improved functionality, we now have a total of 110 blockchain games at launch, ready for our users to learn various information about, discuss with other users, and rate.

In the immediate future, we plan to add more games daily and increase our number of games to an amount that the community and we are satisfied with. That being said, we have much more envisioned for Gamepedia’s future. The state and features of the current Gamepedia establish just the bare foundation of what we dream of building in the upcoming months.

Ultimately we want Gamepedia to be a game hub where YOU would like to visit daily. Whether you are a trader, gamer, game developer, or investor, we aim to provide meaningful content and features on Gamepedia that contribute to all your interests when it comes to blockchain gaming. To achieve this goal, we already have improvements and new features in the works to appeal more to your needs.

Just to give little snippets of user experiences to expect in the future;

Traders will be able to find a blockchain game’s detailed financial information, including tokenomics, IGO and launch statistics, total supply changes by date, earning rates, and news. They will be able to make faster and more holistic decisions based on the information Gamepedia provides.

Gamers, will be making informed decisions on what to play after reading our reviews, other user comments, and peer reviews about their game of interest. After picking a game, they will head over to our guides section to learn the bare minimums to start playing, calculate their approximate earnings with the current token price, buy the in-game token needed with SPIN and begin mastering the game by watching and reading our tutorials. From there, they can visit our other upcoming product, the Guild Maker, which will provide a whole set of new features regarding the in-game NFTs.

Game developers will be able to post news and updates about their products, build and interact with their communities, and create more visibility and awareness for potential investors by advertising or simply by boasting their ratings, community numbers, and potentials.

The experiences mentioned above demonstrate just a couple of many features we plan to add to Gamepedia in the future. We want to keep some exciting feature plans to ourselves for now :) Our main goal is to improve Gamepedia constantly; even though some of the more extensive features will take longer to implement and work successfully, we will be rolling out mini-updates frequently to enhance the experience.

Lastly, our community (yes, you) will play an essential role in the development process; after all, this will be your space for all blockchain gaming. After every big update, the feedback we get from you and the rest of the community will always be an important guide on what steps or direction we should take next. We plan to periodically create polls, discussions on our social media channels and listen to your suggestions to take Gamepedia to the next level together. We welcome everyone and any idea from or outside our community to contribute to our journey.

Talk to you after the next big update ;)




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