Bear? You mean “Build” Market: The Big Gamepedia Update!

4 min readJul 25, 2022


Hello Spintop Community,

It has been some time since we last delivered exciting news about our product developments. The last news we delivered was at the end of March; we announced the addition of new features to Gamepedia and delved briefly into our plans to improve Gamepedia’s future design and features.

After our initial announcement, today we are thrilled to deploy the new design and integrate the long-awaited features for Gamepedia. The past four months have been a challenging but exciting period where we simultaneously worked on updating the current Gamepedia, its contents, our other live products, the upcoming Guildmaker, and crushing bugs. During this period, we all watched the blockchain market take a downturn, but that changed nothing for us; we just kept doing what we do best and continued building. We don’t plan to stop building anytime soon despite any market conditions that might occur.

So what have we built so far with Gamepedia? Is it the final product? Well, yes and no. In terms of design, Gamepedia is now in a much better place, closer to what we always wanted it to be. However, we will always look to improve it further down the pipeline. We will shift our priority, though, to adding more features that enhance the user experience after this update. As to what we have built, as always, we will try to break down what’s new with Gamepedia below and explain our plans going forward.

New Design

This is our most significant change. Our first iteration of Gamepedia always holds a special place in our hearts, but we had to move on to a better design as it was just the basic version of what we wanted to achieve in terms of looks. Also, it limited us when adding more features and various modules. Therefore, we reworked the UI/UX design from the ground up, keeping what we liked from the first one. We believe that it now looks much more polished and sleek. Hopefully, you will like it as much as we do!

New Features

· We added a “Play” button to the game overviews to give the users to option to directly visit the game page to play after discovering it on Gamepedia.

· Now, there is a Trader View on the browse page to help our users quickly evaluate the performances of the various game tokens they want to invest in.

· Users can now create watchlists to track their favorite game tokens and share them with friends or on social media!

· Created an Academy page where we will continuously add articles and guides on some basics to start playing blockchain games. Most users who are already interested and invested in blockchain games may not find anything new, but our goal is to inform and educate the users who are new to the blockchain gaming scene. We believe that informative guides on any website are essential to moving the blockchain gaming industry further by increasing people’s adoption rate.

· Good news everyone! The Spintop News Hub is here: now, users can read about the latest Spintop news and announcements directly on Gamepedia.

· Featured Community Reviews is back! Now the best reviews(ones that are voted most helpful by many) will be automatically featured on our front page.

· Decided to reduce the clutter on top of the page by creating a new collapsable menu on the left side. This menu will be improved and become the primary navigation method in the near future when we integrate the product names at the top of the page into it as well.

· Added a “change wallet” option in the profile section so you can easily change your wallet address associated with your account.

· Added new genre pages.

· New banner and a “superhero” banner area that will ensure that our users won’t miss any important upcoming deals and announcements.

What’s Next on the List?

After taking this update live, we will start working on even more improvements and features for Gamepedia that we have been planning for a while. Moreover, we can give a hint about our next most significant Gamepedia update in the upcoming months with these three keywords gamification, NFTs, and profiles. We can only tease these keywords for now as it is too early to discuss them in detail, and the plans for them are still not finalized. Finally, we know that many of you share our excitement about our upcoming product, Guildmaker. We will release more information about it very soon ;)

Before we end this article, we want to thank you for your constant support and feedback. We are constantly motivated to achieve better and push Gamepedia to a higher level every time we release an update. As we stated in previous updates, we want to build Gamepedia with our community, and for our community, so please keep providing us with valuable feedback as it will shape the future of this product.

If you have any questions or feedback about Gamepedia, please drop in for a chat with us on our Discord or Telegram channels :)




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