Appreciation, Adaptation, and Transformation

4 min readOct 27, 2022

Hello, everyone!

Since we started our adventure, every step has taught us something. We’ve carried a torch to shed light on unknown lands of Web3, for our sake, for our community’s sake, and for our partners’ sake, and for each product we’ve created, each milestone we’ve achieved, and each partnership we’ve formed granted us a vision for further development.

It has been a tremendous and insightful journey so far. We’ve always felt the warmth and companionship of our community and partners along the way. We couldn’t ask for a better convoy for our journey to Web3. For those, we thank you all, but it is not just an empty “thank you.” All this time, we’ve always thought, “how can we make things better and easier for everyone? How can things run even smoother, even more compact? As gamers ourselves, what could we offer our gamer community?” Today, we proudly announce that we’ve answered these questions by finding our inner gamer and pragmatic side.

Spintop, Next Generation Web3 Gaming Hub

We have always wanted to solve the problem of scattered information and tools around the internet; by creating a platform where people can find everything they need under various product names. However, while we focused on solving the problem of scattered information and tools by creating an ecosystem, we realized that it needed to be more compact and easily understandable for everyone. Therefore, we decided to reposition our products, Gamepedia, Spindex, GuildMaker, and SpinStarter, as Spintop’s utilities or tools instead of products by themselves under Spintop’s roof. “What is the difference?” you might say.

Imagine Spintop as a brand that produces snacks for its customers; Spindex as a subbrand for its chocolate, SpinStarter as a subbrand for its chips, and Gamepedia as a subbrand for its wafer. In this scenario, Spintop is the main brand that produces snacks under the names of different subbrands. What we are doing with our repositioning is eliminating those subbrands and making Spintop the only brand that has those products under the same brand name without including subbrands. You’ll see Spintop Chocolate, Spintop Chips, and Spintop Wafer on the shelves without any distraction or misunderstanding due to their subbrand name. You’ll directly know that Spintop has produced this bar of chocolate, and it’s its product.

We are now eliminating subbrands, Spindex, SpinStarter, GuildMaker, and Gamepedia and making them a direct tool under the Spintop banner. We are creating a better and more compact experience by eliminating those subbrands. When you go to our website, you won’t be able to see the “Spindex” button on the left menu, you’ll see an “Staking” button. The same goes for SpinStarter as well; when you visit our website, you’ll notice that instead of “SpinStarter,” there is a “Launchpad” button. You’ll go to the “Staking” tab when you want to do staking. Now, there is no need to know the exact name of our exchange product.

The reason for this development is simple; we’ve reached our inner gamer. As gamers, we know that complicity is something that no one would appreciate because simple is the best. If a quest can be delivered to an NPC while you are in the city at the moment, no gamer would like to travel miles away to another town and deliver their quest to acquire quest rewards. You can do that right now, right there. There is no reason for you to go and spend time for the same outcome. With this development, we plant NPCs all over the town of Spintop for you to complete your quests without needing to go elsewhere. Since we are not just pencil pushers but a part of the gaming community ourselves, we understand the importance of our gamers, and we appreciate their support. We are now more focused on the gaming side of Web3, and we are on our way to becoming Steam of Web3, so to speak.

This development is wider than repositioning our tools. We are also refactoring our entire gaming hub by upgrading the infrastructure. At the current state, you must connect to each product individually. If you want to use Spindex, you need to connect your wallet to Spindex exclusively. When you go to Gamepedia, you must connect your wallet to Gamepedia again. However, in the next few months, when you connect to Spintop with your wallets, you’ll be able to use any tools under the Spintop banner with your profile. Since Staking, Launchpad, GuildMaker, or Gamepedia are tools or utilities under Spintop, not subbrands or products, you’ll be able to move freely between tools without the need to reconnect your wallet.

The new Spintop is much easier to use, understandable, user-friendly, and compact. It is now about to become the next-generation Web3 gaming hub that connects game developers, gamers, and investors with tools using blockchain technology. It is about to become the central hub of Web3 gaming, a one-stop station for every possible need for our community. It is a hub where gamers, investors, and developers are appreciated and welcomed with open arms. A hub with like-minded people who embraces the future and its vast possibilities.

In our next article, we’ll discuss the endless opportunities and possible interactions between our tools. Stay tuned!




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